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The Definitive Site of All Things Melvana!

(Site still under construction: Currently stretching my web design muscles and adding more links. Much thanks to Cass for all of her help!)

I'm MelvanaInChains; a trans woman who does silly things in games sometimes, and might make one of my own one day. I also do streams of various games every week. This is a handy collection of sites I have accounts on (especially convenient, because I have old accounts I'm locked out of on some of them floating around), or directories where I've made my own content.

Also included is a list of good buddies of mine you should check out. Game & Love itself is a host of great content by great people, so they're highly recommended!

Fire Pro Wrestling World

Lethal League



WWF No Mercy

Melly Memos

AkibaSasha - Maine's Favorite Oni

My amazing girlfriend Sasha has plenty of Fire Pro characters and cute short stories definitely worth looking at! Creator of one of my personal Fire Pro contestants, Thurman Thomas from Tecmo Bowl.

GM Spectre's Fighting Game Projects

Many fighting game projects based on comic books, live-action fighting games, and SNK properties running off of the UFGE engine, with a consistently solid sense of humor intact.

Lunatic Obscurity

Many quality reviews of, as the title would suggest, zany and/or unknown games, and how I mostly found out about an especially odd PS1 fighting game, Mizuki Shigeru no Yokai Butouden.